I have a blog. On Nature Network. Fancy that!

I must clarify, though, that the indicated ‘suddenness’ is procedural, rather than temporal. Richard Grant (yes, that* Richard; Hat-tip to you!) had planted the seed of an idea – of getting my own blog where I can rant and rant and… (did I say, ‘rant?’) to my blessed heart’s content. Taking advantage of the confusion and hassles over moving the NN blogging platform to MT4, I sneaked in. I mean, that must be it. Otherwise – think about it – why would they grant me access to a hallowed area already populated by heavyweights? (Ahem! Metaphorically speaking, of course!)

But I am indeed grateful to the Herculean efforts of the honorable Matt Brown (who I have communicated with) and others toiling away behind the scenes for making this possible.

A quick word about the name: In Scientio Veritas. It should roughly translate to: “The truth lies in science.” Feel free to castigate the name choice as faux-Latin. I wouldn’t know Latin if it came and bit me on the nose, but a quick internet search of on-line English-to-Latin translators came in quite handy for modifying that age-old maxim, in vino veritas. I know nothing about vino, but scientio – I have gathered a bit here and there over the years. Bottom-line is that I kinda liked the sound of it, passed it through the spousal unit, and behold! I bloggeth.

Have a great and relaxing weekend everyone, while I chew my fingernails down trying to decide what to write next.


PS. Of course, after posting, I find that the blog doesn’t show up at all. Matt Brown assures me that this is an ‘easy fix’ but will have to wait till Monday. These are the times I wish I had a god to shake my fist at, dramatically. (Nyaah, not really!)


6 years and two blog network changes later, this update – for those who have stumbled upon this site unknowingly – is to point out that the inestimable Richard P Grant, erstwhile at NatureBlogs, can now be found at The Guardian, Lablit, and Twitter.


  1. Kausik Datta

    Yay! I am in. Thanks, Matt! [big grin]

  2. Cath Ennis


    I can see your comments, but not your actual post, on the main NN blogs home page. Hope that gets fixed soon!

  3. Bob O'Hara

    Welcome to the club!

    I wonder if In vino scientas is good Latin.

  4. Kausik Datta

    Does anyone know how I can allow all comments without having to approve them first?

    Thank you, Cath and Bob.

    Cath, I am not sure what you mean by main NN blogs home page. I am still new to this. Please bear with me while I learn the tricks.

  5. Cath Ennis – it lists the most recent posts and comments. But now I see that this is an older post, and it does in fact show up when you click “view more recent posts” and get beyond the most recent five. So, basically, just ignore me, everything looks fine now 🙂

  6. Ian Brooks

    Welcome Kausik. Looking forward to reading your stuff. And don’t worry; every is nervous at first. You’ll be ranting swearing away with the rest of us soon enough!

  7. Matt Brown

    Woo, it’s great to see your blog finally appearing. Looking forward to reading your rants. In Latin or in English.

  8. Kausik Datta

    @Matt: Oh, I can rant ad infinitum or ad nauseam, whichever ensues first. But I’m afraid it must be in English (preferably Queen’s), because if I use any more Latin than that, I won’t be able to understand what I’d write.

    QED. Or, like, whatever. 🙂

    @Ian: Muchas gracias, Señor!

  9. Austin Elliott

    Nice title, whatever the Latin. I am vaguely reminded of the Royal Society’s motto:

    “Nullius in verba”

  10. Kausik Datta

    @Austin: My first choice was “Draco dormiens non titillandus” – did have a nice ring to it – but the spousal unit is firmly against plagiarism, so…

  11. Eva Amsen

    Welcome to the blog-side!

  12. Kausik Datta

    Thank you, E-va!

  13. Henry Gee

    You could always try Non Illegitimus Carborundum

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