When I crawled out of my cave this morning, I got a notification from Nature Network that some user named (or rather, numbered) “123” has invited me to join his/her/its network. Being a suspicious arse sceptical by nature, I decided to check at the NN website first. I found no one (of course!) by that name, adding “123” to the growing list of monikers people I shall not be friends with. Ah, well.

But before I tore myself away to pursue other worldly activities, I decided to click on a hitherto-unclicked tab, called ‘Tags’. It brought me to a page titled “Kausik Datta’s tags”. Lo and behold! I randomly get a prophetic vision of the current sociopolitical climate of the United States! Gentle readers, for your kind perusal, here is a screenshot:


Behold the Rise of Fiction (which accurately describes a large swath of conservative Right-winger dialogs and demagoguery, steadily increasing these days) and the Fall of Research and Science education (which has come up in several metrics of the academic achievements of the populace, and has been lamented by the liberal media).

Of course, ‘immunology’ remains stable; I have not an iota of a clue what that means (unless, unbeknownst to me, the anti-vaccine crank movement has quietly faded away into a well-deserved obscurity…), but hey, two out of three ain’t bad!

Now back to the cave…