On this page, I am going to maintain a running list of my writings that have seen the light of the day at different venues, now that I am—ahem!—a bona fide writer.

Publication/Venue Title Date
Open Mind Magazine The Way Home From Homeopathy April 18, 2022
The Xylom A Day of the Crocs January 9, 2022
The Memoirist (on Medium) Raindrops keep falling on my face… (100-word memoir challenge) April 14, 2022
  Mi scusi, I’d like to start over January 12, 2022
  Burning Up on Reentry August 24, 2021
Medium Nobody Has Watched A Marvel-ous Show And Nobody Is Glad Nobody Did July 18, 2022
  Best Friend Indeed. Woof. April 4, 2022 (updated for Medium); originally published July 24, 2015
  A February Paean February 7, 2022
  My Purrfect Evenings December 21, 2021
  Missions Possible September 7, 2021
  Dust August 23, 2021
  Illusion-schmillusion. If I fits, I sits. June 9, 2021
  Red And Green Mingles At Tsavo August 12, 2020
  Of COVID-19: Immunity, Vaccines, Herd Immunity July 15, 2020
  One by one, the lights go out January 2, 2020
  On Being Protected and Served… with 36 Scratches October 31, 2019
  Uncovered Cough And Sneeze Help Spread Nasty Disease June 7, 2016
The Conversation Children are silent victims of the ‘hidden epidemic’ of tuberculosis July 28, 2014
  The bug that lost a few genes to become Black Death May 26, 2014
  Households are new source of antibiotic-resistant superbug April 28, 2014
  Food-borne tropical disease outbreak strikes the US November 6, 2013
  Brace yourself, internet: cats and dogs at risk from new fungus June 26, 2013
  The disease-causing fungi that lurk in your dishwasher June 18, 2013
  This disease’s deadliest weapon is the fact you’ve never heard of it May 16, 2013
Science-Based Medicine Infiltration of Quackademic Medicine into Mainstream: A pernicious influence October 2, 2009