Funnies to begin the week

This morning, a friend and colleague of mine forwarded a gem of a forwarded-email to me. Ordinarily, this would elicit a “meh” from me, be glossed over and sent to the trashcan. Not this morning. It was a series of cartoons —focused largely on postdoc life— in Biology! I started idly flicking through, my day’s and week’s lab to-do list fluttering at the back of my mind. But soon all was forgotten. I snickered. I giggled. I guffawed. I bellowed in laughter much to the consternation of myself and my fellow labmates. The cartoons were FULL of WIN —and now it is my sacred duty to disseminate them as widely as possible… After all, misery loves company!!

The cartoons are at a website called (Disclaimer: I have no link with them whatsoever). They are apparently a dedicated biology search engine, with a lot of nifty tools and the ability to search protocols, techniques etc. I haven’t checked out all those yet, but I looked up their Cartoon List. It was A-freakin’-mazing!

Here are just a few samples (copyright for all images belongs to, but do check out their Life in Research cartoon series. Caution: They are addictive and may cause sudden outbursts of loud laughter!

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  1. Lee Turnpenny

    Cheers, Kausik, just caught up with this. I particularly identify with the top one. And the one under Biomedical journals.

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